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10328 Jefferson Highway
Baton Rouge, LA, 70809
United States


Welcome to Jefferson UMC. We worship, pray, fellowship, love God, and serve His people. Join us on Sundays...and many other days.


As Methodists, it is a member's responsibility to oversee that our church runs smoothly and that we answer Christ's call. This is not the Pastor's church, but our church! Each year we nominate members to fill our many positions. If you are interested to be part, see any person below.

Homebound Care Team: We are here for you. The Homebound Care Team coordinates with the pastors to minister to those who are homebound or in a nursing home.  We can come to pray, visit, send a note, provide a meal, and give communion (first Sunday of the month). The Homebound Care Team also provides a communion service, lead by one of our pastors, at Ollie Steele Burden and St. Clare's Nursing home (see calendar). This team is not limited to JUMC members - contact us and we can help. Team Leader:  Susan Carpenter.

Bereavement Care Team: When one of our church family goes on to be with God, our Bereavement Care Team provides ministry to the family in every way that we can.  This includes providing food after services.  Chefs and volunteers of all types are needed. Team Leaders;  Corky Kees and Frances Smith 

Education (Adult): Learning about the Bible is of utmost importance in the life of a Christian. Jefferson takes this training seriously and offers opportunities throughout the year to learn and discuss the Scriptures. We also offer many studies on life experience, parenting and Methodist history. Chairperson:  D'Ette Abshire.

Education (Children): Our children are the future of our church. It is their faith in Jesus that will determine the future of our religion. Jefferson takes this role very seriously. We have Sunday school for children at 9:30am. We offer groups for our Tweens (4-6th graders) and youth for middle and high schoolers. Children have choir and opportunities for plays (Christmas). We also offer a part-time preschool. Children's Director:  Teran Trauernicht

Evangelism: Sharing the faith and bringing people to a relationship with Jesus is the goal of evangelism. Being an inviting church is something we take seriously. During every worship we extend a welcoming hand. All classes and groups are open to everyone. This committee creates ways for those searching, or who have moved from another UMC church, to find a home at Jefferson.  Chairperson:  Pastor Larry Miller.

Finance: This committee plans and oversees our annual budget. It is charged with the responsibility for developing and implementing plans that will raise sufficient income to meet the budget adopted by the church council. It also administers the funds received according to instructions from the church council.  Chairperson:  Jim Delaune

Nominations: This committee meets in the fall to recommend new leadership for the upcoming year. If you are interested in being nominated for a committee or work area, please email Pastor Michi. Jefferson takes pride in its lay (non pastor) leadership. The strength of the Church lies in it's members directing the work and insuring it is done as Jesus would have done.

Trustees: Taking care of Church property is the responsibility of the Trustees.  Have ideas? Send them to the Trustees. Any improvements and suggestions are heard and voted upon. There are nine rotating members, each serving a three year term with meetings monthly on the second Monday of each month.  Chairperson:  Lynda Butler 

Missions: Being a Christian is to answer the call to those in need and serve where needed. We reach out to our community, our state, our country, and beyond. Where there is a need, we help through serving or providing funds. The Pumpkin Patch is our largest fundraiser and all proceeds are returned to missions. Head: Laurie Holden

Altar Guild:  One of the unique aspects of worship at Jefferson is the constantly changing altar.  The Altar Guild is responsible for this.  The Altar Guild is a group of individuals who prepare the altar for worship each week with many unique and inspirational items that are maintained in our worship closet.  The theme for each altar is the scripture text that will be used for worship.  We communicate between each other to maintain the sanctuary as a place of refuge and celebration on a weekly basis. Altar Guild Chairperson:  Anna Clara Gayle 


Staff-Pastor-Parish Committee: This committee oversees the work of the pastors and staff in managing the ministry of the congregation.  Through the year, the committee has primary responsibility for the appointed and paid staff who lead the vision and mission of the church, plus the congregation’s primary connection with the district superintendent and bishop related to the appointed leadership of the congregation.   SPR Chairperson:  Paul Holden