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10328 Jefferson Highway
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Welcome to Jefferson UMC. We worship, pray, fellowship, love God, and serve His people. Join us on Sundays...and many other days.






Pastor-napping for Missions by the Youth

brooke dynes

The Youth Pastor-napped Michi during his lovely dinner...then brought to JUMC for hours of "torture." Facebook blew up with commitments of items for our homeless collection (& cash) if he would do certain "tasks," such as eating (no hands) gummy bears in whipped cream, selfies, twister, ping pong, dancing with his son, Oreo eating, and charades. He was a trooper and stayed (with little choice) til midnight and helped raise over $400 and a HUGE tableful or toiletries for the homeless. Thanks to all who organized, helped and supported. Michi will never eat out without looking over his shoulder again!

From his FB post at the kidnapping: "I am being held as a hostage for missions at our youth lock in. They actually came to the restaurant where I was eating and kidnapped me. They are collecting toiletry items for the homeless of Baton Rouge. You can bring items by the church or phone in a donation. This is the only phone usage I am allowed so please help me get out of here."

Post later that night: "A huge table full of toiletries, bottled water, and $380.00 collected for the homeless in Baton Rouge. They tell me I'm about halfway there. I would like to be home by midnight and I didn't lock up my dogs cause I didn't know I'd be here. For the sake of the homeless and my carpet, please call!"