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10328 Jefferson Highway
Baton Rouge, LA, 70809
United States


Welcome to Jefferson UMC. We worship, pray, fellowship, love God, and serve His people. Join us on Sundays...and many other days.


About Us

Youth are 7th to 12th graders who meet Sunday nights for a snack meal, fun, group activity or mission work. For some, Youth should be about the Bible & Jesus only, we have a different approach. It’s about Christian community = church family. Learning the Bible can be tough, even for adults, and we tackle it at Sunday school & on Wed nights., so at Youth, we use its guidance on topics such as friends, social media, parents, selfishness, and how we treat others.

If Christians would treat each with no judgement, trust the Lord, & know they are loved, this world could be turned upside down. The Youth goal is to create this person. At JUMY, we create a non-judgemental environment. Since most of us don’t encounter each other on a daily basis (we represent over 10 schools), we don’t have to wear our “school mask.” We are our true selves. We share without concern of gossip. We congratulate each other with joy & show concern with sympathetic tears. We are a family.

The other important focus in the Jefferson Youth, by our choice, is missions. Each month we serve those in need. Our regular missions are dinner for & fellowship with St. Anthony’s HIV Home, homemade cookie delivery to those needing a pick me up, lunch and service at Open Air Ministry, and Spring Landscape mission for the elderly. This summer, as we do each year, we choose to take a week out of our schedule to serve in Guatemala or Columbia, MS. 

Last, although we have a “leader,” she’s more a guide. Our group is run by elected Youth holding various positions.We choose and approve our activities & fundraisers, as well as our mission trips. We lead a Sunday worship too. As our own leaders, we’re responsible for our successes & failures - like a true leader.

So what do we do? Here are some highlights since August & future plans (mission work in BOLD):

Youth Week with Lockin, Pool Contests, Youth Led Worship Sunday, Parents’ Visit, #GetReal Talks x7 , Junior & Senior High Retreat Weekends, Scary House, 4-Square Fun, Hire A Youth, Mini Golf, Movie Nights x6, Bracelet Fundraiser/Christmas Post Office, Scavenger Hunt, Bridge Building, Talks on Racism, Rockwall Climbing, Murder Mystery, Watermelon Spring Fling, Cookie Deliveries x4, St Anthony’s Home (HIV Residents) Dinners x4, Open Air Ministries Lunches x4, Landscape Ministry, Surprise Mitzvahs, Guatemala Summer Mission Trip, Columbia, MS Summer Mission Trip

Summer mission trips

JUMY is pleased to offer multiple summer trip opportunities throughout the many years of youth. The goal is to allow our high schoolers to experience Christ nearby (within 200 miles), further away (up to 500 miles away), at a spiritual renewal event and internationally (Guatemala in 2018).

The cost of the trips is mostly raised by the Youth through fundraising events. A small portion is paid by the Youth's family, or through individual fundraising events throughout the year, such as monthly movie nights, jewelry making, landscaping, or salad bar. For our local trips, the Youth amount was $75 and international was $500 (in 2018).

August 2018

As we get back to school, there is a lot of youth planning. We will have lessons on Friendships (and their survival in the new year) plus planning for future "open" Sundays. The youth will decide what we do for mission work and fun activites. We will also have elections for JUMY and at the District level.

This month we focus on "Boss." Discussion will include "who is the Boss of me?" and how selfishness, obsession, worry and greed can take over our lives.

The last two Sundays will have a mission project and fun. We may come in on Labor Day to do some cooking/freezing for the next couple weeks' dinners.