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10328 Jefferson Highway
Baton Rouge, LA, 70809
United States


Welcome to Jefferson UMC. We worship, pray, fellowship, love God, and serve His people. Join us on Sundays...and many other days.


Welcome to the Youth page. Scroll through to see activities. Our goal is to provide a place for Youth where judgement is left outside the door. We are all Children of God. We strive to have fun, learn the Bible, serve, and become the future leaders of the church. 

Youth "Guide": Brooke Dynes ||

New Bible Study starting 10/2 (and every 1st Sunday)

brooke dynes

After a lot of research (and a lot of duds), I discovered Sparkhouse's Reform :: Ancestors. On the first Sunday of each month, we will have our Reform lesson and discussion. I picked this study because the student guide was extremely interactive. Each session has a video (entertaining and not too young), then we have a discussion and read the Bible passages and conclude with activities. I really hope the Youth will enjoy this. The group is Methodist and Lutheran based.

Overview of lessons: Adam & Eve: The lovable screw-ups  Noah: The obedient eccentric Abraham & Sarah: The ordinary patriarchs  Jacob: The conniving survivor  Joseph: The virtuous dreamer  Moses: The frustrated leader  Rahab: The faithful opportunist  Deborah: The exasperated matriarch  Samson: The raging prima donna Ruth: The tenacious outsider  David: The flawed and beloved king  Solomon: The ambitious son  Elijah: The get-r-done prophet  Daniel: The invincible visionary   Jonah: The passive-aggressive coot